What Gospel are you preaching?

It’s been a long time since I have written anything and it is because I’ve been sitting back letting life and the devil beat on me. First thing I want to say is there may be a few things in here that are offensive and there may also be things that I hope will encourage you so I pray right now that the Lord will prepare the soil of your heart to receive the Word.

We are supposed to strive to obtain the character of Christ daily. We are to realize that we are NOT perfect that we do stumble and fall and sometimes that fall is hard. I had been clean from Meth for 4 years and recently I stumbled and fell. It has taken me a while to get back up. I have had people blame it on the church I go to. Blame it on different things but the only thing I can blame it on is myself. How can we receive forgiveness if we blame our faults on others? I was the one that let my prayer life stop. I was the one that stopped reading the Word. I was the one that let go of God. Not someone else. I did that.

So in order for me to come before Him I had to quit believing the devils condemning lies and realize that I have a high priest that can sympathize with my infirmities because he was tempted in every way that I was but He did not sin. Because of that He is able to show mercy to me and anyone else who stumbles and falls. We are to have reverential fear for Him but we are supposed to also come boldly before His throne.

In my prayer time today I finally decided to believe His Word. For so long His Word burnt like fire in me. I have different people telling me I can do this and do that but I WILL NOT listen to anything other then what the Word says. I’m angry now. Angry at the devil and I’m ready to get back up and proclaim the Word of God because WE are to proclaim the Word so that prisoners can be set free. Without the Word we have no life. Apart from the Word (Jesus) we are nothing and since I am IN HIM I want to tell you today that one of the characteristics of Christ is Boldness. We have several different gospels out there but there is only one Christ and one Gospel to be proclaimed and just as Paul said if anyone preaches any other gospel let him be accursed.

IF WE HAVE THE TRUTH then why are we not out there preaching it, witnessing to people, getting out there and telling them to GET OUT OF Babylon. Did Moses approach Pharaoh meekly??? Was it a meek gospel He came to pharaoh with? I THINK NOT! Did David approach Goliath meekly??? Was it a meek gospel that he conquered the enemy?? I think NOT! Yes, we are to be humble before the Lord and love others but we are also to be like Jesus and PREACH, TEACH, Whatever it is you do with authority. NOT AUTHORITY of our own but because we are in Christ He lives in us and His authority and boldness should flow through us.

The fire in my heart was almost quenched but now I am here and I upset with the way the church is right now. We are either preaching a false gospel or we are preaching the truth but with no passion and we are sitting on our pews just watching people burn around us. JESUS went out to the sinners. He did not come to save the righteous. He said those that are sick need a physician. We are supposed to go to those that are sick in the Spirit and TELL THEM about the Physician who can set them free and make them whole. If it wasn’t for someone coming to me OUT IN THE STREETS IN THAT DOPE HOUSE because you never would of found me in a church then I would not have been set free. I would be dead right now.

WHAT ARE WE DOING CHURCH??????? It says His Word is sharper then a two-edged sword then WHY OH WHY are we acting like butter knives with it???? I come to you very sincere in heart. I can’t survive on a water downed false gospel and I can’t survive on a true gospel with no fire behind it. SO because God has given me fire I hope to very soon get out here and spread it and set at liberty the captives that are hurting and sick. I’m not comfortable on the pews and I’m not comfortable being quiet. TIME is running out and we need to redeem it for the sake of the Gospel. WAKE UP CHURCH WAKE UP because God is about to spew you out of His mouth and for those speaking another gospel…..He will come at you with the sword and it will not be pleasant and you will be ashamed because every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. The saved and the unsaved. REMEMBER the shepherd rejoices more over the one sheep that went astray then the 99 that stayed with the flock. We need to gather. We need to reap. We need to tell the World and if you’re offended at me I’m not sorry. Look at the Shepard don’t look at the flock. Look at the Builder don’t look at the house. Look at the Potter don’t look at the pot because I’m becoming who He wants me to be. Your focus should ALWAYS be on Jesus! Our Chief Cornerstone! Our High Priest and Redeemer!! PRAISE GOD today for today is the day of Salvation.

If I am not speaking and living the Word I am dead. So let me speak it and live it Lord.

Happy Sabbath!

A Word for the Church and America

A Message for the Church and America

Please, take a moment of your time and read the above Word that I received a few nights ago based upon a dream that I was given. I love you guys and gals and I hope this is used in an encouraging way to bring about change and revival!

God bless you!



Okay, so I just finished the first chapter of “Words That Hurt. Words That Heal.” by Carole Mayhall.

I must say that this has opened my eyes in a big way.

Yesterday, was one of the hardest days I have experienced in a long time. There were several things throughout the day that I just couldn’t seem to rejoice about.

I found myself saying; “His ways are higher then our ways.”

On days like “yesterday” I hear so many negative things in my mind.
Only if I speak them will they bring death!

How many times do we fail to realize how powerful our words are. Whole kingdom’s fall because of our words and whole kingdoms rise because of our words.

The kingdom of God will always prevail so why do we not consider the Word’s of the one who created it all!

The reason I don’t on occasion “to be perfectly honest here” is because of EMOTION!

If we live on emotion then every aspect of our lives will be ruled by it.
Lets be honest, how many times “before we came to know Christ” did we allow our circumstance to drive us to drink or to take that drug.

How many times did our need for approval or insecurity cause us to accept an invitation that we wouldn’t normally accept when we weren’t allowing emotion to control us!

I have long battled fear, insecurity, jealousy, and condemnation. I CONTINUALLY battle these things mostly because my “mind” still considers them a problem and it drowns out the Word of God that I read daily!

See, you can read the Word of God daily and still fail to apply it! Why????

The cares of this world come and choke the Word and cause it to not bear fruit in our lives. (Mark 4:19)

If we would only look at the Word of God and choose to believe it over the emotions we feel in every circumstance I KNOW that it would bear fruit!

We would be able to practice self-control, gentleness, meekness and like the author said we would become a well of “life” to those around us.

We would be able to look to scripture and encourage instead of giving into the temptation to just “gossip” and talk about the situation.

Instead of talking about it we would try praying about it. Changing the situation with scripture because that is what scripture does. It is life
changing when sown on “good” soil. When it is planted in a heart that is ready to recieve it and cultivate it with the rest of the Word!

God is LIFE and His Word brings LIFE to those that are ready to put it work.
For those that are not ready…Well, without Faith we have nothing!

So, from this day forward I am going to strive to allow the Word of God not only change my life but to change my tongue! I want to put to death all the death I have been speaking on my life and others.

If it isn’t life I don’t want it. If it doesn’t encourage and exhort then what good is it! We can speak truth in love and I guarantee that the person we speak to would be alot more willing to recieve it!

I know, because on my “good” days when I have tamed my tongue with the Holy Spirit and the Word I have seen it happen!

Let it not just be on our “good” days.

I heard something yesterday and it made a profound impact on me. The good ones are hard to get to.


We have to be Word led and not “feeling” led. If we will submit our entire being to the Word of God the gates of Hell and every attempt made against us WILL NOT PREVAIL!

I love you guys and I hope you will take this challenge with me… The taming of the tongue